Infinity Kingdom Tier List – Best Immortals and Tips

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Have you been wondering which are the best immortals in the Infinity Kingdom? Then you’re in the right place. Below we’re going to take a look at a complete Infinity Kingdom tier list of immortals and give you everything you need to know about each one of them, so you’ll pick the best ones for your team.

There are quite a lot of immortals in the game, and let’s be honest – if you’re a f2p player, you’ll have a pretty tough time picking just a handful of them to invest in. While premium players have it way easier, we’ll go through some of the best immortals and explain which ones you should upgrade first, and which ones will not be worth the time in the long run.

Before we dive into the Infinity Kingdom tier list though, let me give you a few tips about the immortals, so you’ll know exactly why I’ve ranked them the way I did.

You can invest in anything (pretty much), but it will be a lot easier to just stick to a few good ones

Investing in any hero will never be a waste once you gain access to the lab because you can choose to reborn them when they have fulfilled their role. However, it will be easier if you just stick to the right heroes from the get-go. Try to think ahead about what teams you want to use, and which heroes will fit that team best. You also need to take into consideration the way you will play. Are you going to invest a lot of money in the heroes and teams? Are you going to be a f2p player and rely only on what you get for free in the game?


These aspects can have a pretty big impact on the heroes that you will use, so make sure that you consider every aspect. Of course, if you’re planning to just casually play the game, you can go for any hero and then just reborn them in the lab when the time comes.

Stick to one troop when you’re at the beginning

At the very start of the game, you want to stick to one troop. Boost that troop in every way that you can, and use it for all content. It’s going to help you complete a lot of the content without much effort.

Always summon 10x times, never do individual summons

Whenever you collect 9 Philosopher’s Stones you will be able to summon 10 times. Normally, 1 summon will cost you 1 Stone, but if you choose to save 9 Stones you can pull 10 times from the gacha. This is the best option you have, so hold onto your Philosopher’s Stones whenever you can, because it will guarantee you 1 Elite or Epic unit within the 10 units that you pull.

Join an Alliance and don’t use your speedups until you’ve received help from your Alliance mates

This feature is super important to upgrading your kingdom quickly, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the very first time you will join an Alliance you’ll receive some Gems for free, so that’s definitely something useful, no matter if you’re a f2p player or not. Secondly, you will be able to ask your Alliance mates for help, and that will drastically reduce the construction or upgrade time for anything. Finally, you’ll save up a lot of speedups if you just give it a few minutes (for the Alliance mates to have a chance to offer their help) before going for the 1-button speedup.


Of course, you can also take a shortcut and use some of the Infinite Kingdom codes for a quick boost!

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