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Best social platform for watching short videos and making new friends
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17th Oct 2021
4.4 and up
22 MB

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Fyptt Apk


Download the latest 2021 version of Fyptt TikTok Apk on Android and watch free videos


Fyptt TikTok Apk- App Information

App Name Fyptt
Developer fyptt Ltd
Update Information 17th Oct 2021
Version 5.2.0
Size 22 MB
Supported Android System Android 4.4+
Price Free
In-App Purchases Nill
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There are so many social apps out there for entertainment, video sharing, and content creation. you have Facebook, Instagram, and Snackvideo

But the application that has gained the most popularity is Tik Tok. if you are bored I’m looking for some fun videos you have to download Fyptt APK On your Android phone.

We have given the link in this article to download this app.

This application has awesome features like video sharing, video creating, and watching videos from all over the world.

You can join this platform and start making your own videos and become a superstar Fyptt Tik-Tok APK. 


In this article, we have covered the most important aspect of this application. We have added the user through review, important features of Fyptt TikTok APK, how can you download it, and some frequently asked questions.


What is Fyptt TiktTok Apk?

Fyptt TiktTok Apk is a unique and different kind of basic tick talk for Android phones. It is an altered version of Tik Tok.

This application is also a social networking app on which you can post your videos, watch others’ videos, make new friends, and meet new people.

There is one thing that is significant about Fyptt  Tik Tok if that it is targeted towards an adult audience. it is built for users who are over 18 years of age, so it is strictly forbidden for people who are under age and do not meet the requirement.

Just as the original Tik Tok app, this application is also built for sharing short video content.  you can make your videos and share them, you can get likes from others as well as dislikes.

In addition to that, you can find bold content on Fyptt Tik Tok, you can also find adult romance videos and inappropriate content for children. This application mostly is focusing adult videos.

There is a lot of interesting content on this application oh, it is full of fun and you have a great chance of meeting new people with great talent. it is always wise to keep this application password-protected so that no one else can access this application other than you. 


You can freely access the bold adult content of other people, and you can also share your own content and become famous. There are no limits and boundaries on what you can and cannot share on this application. Fyptt tick talk for Android is limitless.

There are millions of users across the world that are using this application every day. It is accessible throughout the world so you don’t need to install any VPN.

All you have to do is click on the link and download Fyptt on your phone. Create your own account if you want to upload your unique content otherwise, you can use it without even creating an account.

This app gives everyone free access. you can take advantage of the awesome features of Fyptt Apk Even if you are not signed into the app, for example, you can follow others oh, you can like others’ videos or you can send messages.


Fyptt TikTok Apk Features

This application is a very popular social networking platform available for Android phones or millions of users worldwide. it is packed with great features and we have made a list of them below.


Here are some of the Great features that you can enjoy in Fyptt APK

1 – This application is completely free to use.

2 – There are no in-app purchases.

3 – You can earn money online.

4 – Share your unique content and become famous.

5 – Watch your favorite videos, like and comment.

6 – Chat with famous people on the platform.

7 – Make new friends.

8 – Send private messages.

9 – Very easy and simple user interface.

10 – Adult videos.


Fyptt Apk Mod Features

Fyptt Mod Also has great features for you to explore some of them are listed below.

1 – Download for free

2 – Unlimited free streaming

3 – Used without registration

4 – Huge collection of videos shows and movies

5 – Seamless connectivity

6 – Easy-to-use interface

7 – No ads

8 – No in-app purchases

9 – Send unlimited friend requests 


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How to Download Fyptt Apk:

You can easily download the app from your browser by following these steps.

  1. Download Fyptt Tik Tok APK here
  2. Read the whole features of the game and then tap on the Download button.
  3. Wait for the Download File to generate
  4. Once it is generated. Tap on the Download button again
  5. This will start the file to download.
  6. When the download is finished, a confirmation window will pop up.


How to Install :

Once you have your downloaded file ready follow this guide.

  • First of all, go to your device’s settings
  • Go to PrivacyUnknown Sources InstallationsEnable
  • If you have a newer Android device, then make sure to enable the Unknown Device option in your Browser Settings.
  • Now Select the Apk or Mod apk file that you have downloaded.
  • Simply open it and tap on Install.
  • That’s it


You can NOT get it from Google Play.


Pros and cons of downloading Fyptt TikTok APK from a third-party website



1 -You would always get the latest version of the app from the third-party website. it will be regularly updated and passed for security and safety purposes. it will have multiple versions for older and newer devices add you are using.

2 – you can download it instantly from the third-party app on your device without waiting.

3 – you can always save the APK file that you have downloaded onto your mobile phone or memory card for later use. it is easy to transfer the downloaded files to other people. this phone can also be stored on your computer.



1 – it is always recommended to not download applications other than Google Play Because they are not verified by Google Play protect. such Files can cause harm to your device.

2 – some of the APK files may contain viruses that will affect your phone, you are more prone to risk and privacy breaches.

3 – you would have to update these files manually because they are not connected to Google Play.

4 – you will have to visit the developer website regularly to see what has changed and what is fixed and then you have to update your files.



Fyptt App is a great way to be socially connected. This application has unlimited video content that is updated regularly. You can watch free videos. There is no need to create your account for using this app.

This application is free to download on all Android devices. It has great adult content and also gives you the opportunity to share bold videos. With password protection, you can keep it locked so that no one other than can use it.

Overall this is a must-have application in 2021 if you are a fan of social media apps.



How can I install Animixplay APK on the computer?

You can easily download and install Fyptt APK on the computer by following the simple steps listed below.

1 – Download and install any popular emulator for example BlueStacks.

2 – Run BlueStacks on your computer.

3 – Search for Fyptt APK on your computer in BlueStacks.

4- Once done install the application using BlueStacks.

5 – Run Fyptt on your computer and enjoy.


Is Fyptt Tik Tok ApK safe?

Yes, Fyptt APK is completely safe to be used and downloaded on your computer play stop make sure that you are downloading it from a safe and trusted third party because it is not recommended to download anything that is not protected by Google Play protect.


What are the Alternatives of Fyptt Tik Tok apk?

There are several other applications that also provide quality sources and live streaming of anime movies for Android phones. Some of them are,

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