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Everybody loves to xResolve and play games, and with the development of an amazing gaming platform, online gaming has become popular among all generations these days. people like to play online games with their friends and family.

There are almost a billion online gamers Well using different gaming platforms to play together worldwide.

Pubg, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike are among the popular online games to name a few.

Along with the fun that online games provide comes the risk of privacy breaches. There’s nothing worse than knowing that you are being spied on while playing online games.

If you want to know more about who you are playing with online ah, you can use certain online platforms like xResolver that offer to find the IP addresses and locations of online players from stop

When online Gamers from different countries are playing together such tools can come in handy.

In this article we will cover in-depth features of Xresolver, its pros, and cons and also how can you use it to find the IP addresses and locations of online players.


What is xResolver?


What is xResolver?

xResolver is basically a tool that is popular for providing the user with the IP addresses of other gamers who you are playing with or against.

This Tool is very popular among the online gaming community because it can help gamers to verify the authenticity of other players.

xResolver is mostly used by Playstation and Xbox users.

There are also several other options that can be used to find the IP address of online gamers, but most of them are quite complicated.

However,xResolver gets this job done in a few simple and easy steps, making it the most preferred tool by the gaming community.

No additional technical skills or knowledge is required to use xResolver. Anyone can take advantage of its huge and detailed database.

xResolver is regularly updated and new features are always added. You will see features like IP logger, IP Storage, etc in xResolver 2.0.

You can easily use this tool on the official website and there is no need to even download and install it.

This is an amazing tool and has all the great features that you can use to stay safe and secure while playing online games.

This tool is not illegal to use.


xResolver - Features


Features of xResolver

1- Gamertag and PSN username resolvers

They are offering resolvers words for both Xbox and PlayStation. The options for Xbox and Playstation users are a little different. for Xbox users, you will have the Gamertag to IP address resolver and for the users of PlayStation, you will have the username to IP address resolver.

The resolver offered to buy them has a great advantage over competitors in that they have millions of Gamertag and usernames in their database.

X resolver gathers data from the Internet by web scraping oh, they have thousands of Bots that are always crawling for Gamertag and username information. These Bots also gather ipv4 information.

This data is then processed and matched with a specific user. the company claims that they’re doing nothing illegal because the IP addresses are not private.

That is why millions of people use resolver because it is simple, takes less time, and has a lot of information and its database.

 All you have to do is search for the Gamertag or the username and then click on “resolve” to get the IP address.


2- Geo IP lookup

This latest feature enables you to find the time zone of the location of the user that you are playing with or against. All the information given to you will be from the IP address. this data is gathered from the internet service provider.

You can avail the service by adding the IP address into the field and then clicking on lookup.


3- IP logger

This takes the customization of your link and IP to the next level. you can create your own custom links and then share them with your friends that can use them to access you.

These custom lengths will help you to get the full IP address, geo IP information, and browser information. 

If you had a new tp x resolve or you might be thinking how can you create a new user. This is a very simple process, all you have to do is type your nickname, choose a logger type and click on create new. 


4- PSN username checker

This feature is available for PlayStation users only. you can use the PlayStation username checker and see if the username is available or not.

So this will help you to decide whether or not to choose the current user name, and its availability, helping you save a lot of time.


5- IP Storage

An amazing feature for people who are more organized and want to keep a clean record of the data. this will help you store and organize all IP addresses.

You can go to storage, type the IP address that you want to save oh, and you can also add additional information about that IP address in notes.

If you are a premium member you will have unlimited storage. free members can store up to 25 IPs.


6- Blacklisting your IP address

This feature needs to be purchased, but it is money well invested, if you want to prevent users from resolving Gamertag or username and xResolver, you can use this option.

If you want to keep your information safe and not to be stored on x resolver purchasing this feature is a great option. you can use this option and keep your information out of the hands of scrapers and xResolver database.

This is a costly option though because you will have to purchase a new Blacklist every time you use another Gamertag. one Blacklist can only be used for one Gamertag and username.


Guide to New Users of xResolver


New users to xResolver

xResolver comes in two packages, you can use it for free or you can buy the premium access. If you want to sign up and use x resolver you have to follow the simple steps.

1 –  Visit the official X resolver website

2 – Choose your username

3 – Enter your e-mail address

4 – Check out  by paying via credit card

X resolver has no yearly fee you would have to pay for it every month. it will cost you 7.9 $9 per month.


Where to use x resolver?

It operates on all kinds of devices and all types of systems. xResolver Xbox black list works on xResolver Microsoft, PS4, PS5, xResolver Roblox . you can use it on all web browsers.


How to Black List Xbox using xResolver


How to Black List Xbox using xResolver?

There are multiple options that you can use if you want to Black List your IP address and Gamertag on Xbox.

1 – Try using a good v p n and connect your device by hiding your IP address.

2 – Change your IP address from your internet service provider

3 – Always play with the people that you know

4-  Delete the people from your friend’s list if you notice any suspicious behavior.

5 – Use data removal form to eliminate IP address


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How to boot using xResolver?


How to boot using xResolver?

If you are looking for the process to boot using xResolver you will have to follow the few steps that are written below

1 – Search for the freebooter on Google and download it

2 – Run the freebooter and type the IP address that you want to  boot out

3 – Choose the time frame in which you do not want to be disturbed by others

4 – Click on DDOS Tab

5 – There you can see if the application has successfully booted out the IP address


How to get blacklisted on xResolver?


How to get blacklisted on xResolver?

As explained above blacklisting yourself on X resolver is a protective measure that you can use to hide your IP address and Gamertag so that no one can follow you or track your location and get your information.

You can use any sniffer program to Black List yourself on x resolver. most of these sniffer programs are not free so you will have to pay for them. one of the most popular sniffer programs is Octosniff.


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Steps to Black List using xResolver Xbox Blacklist

Follow these steps to Black List yourself on Xbox using  X resolver Blacklist

1 – run xResolverand enter your game tag

2 – Once you are done entering your Gamertag you will get your IP address

3-  Copy this IP address and then sign into Octosniff

4 – If you are a premium user you will have the option to put your IP address on a blacklist name

5 – Now go to x resolver again and type the same username that you have blacklisted

6 – You will not see your music name and this indicate that you have been blacklisted




xResolver is a great app that anyone can use to find information about the people who they are playing on the internet. It can be used on anything, you can use it through browsers, you can use it on Xbox and Playstation too.

It can reveal others’ location and the information that is associated with their Gamertag. You can also use this platform to hide your own IP addresses and Gamertag to keep your data safe.


Frequently Asked Questions - xResolver



Is xResolver illegal?

Web scrapping through bots is not illegal and there are no regulations about it. So it is not illegal to extract the information through IP addresses.


What is xResolver?

xResolver is a tool that is used to get IP addresses of online gamers if you know their Gamertag.


Can I store IP addresses on xResolver?

Yes, you can do it, we have explained it in detail in this article.


What are the Alternatives of xResolver?

1- Octosniff

2- Webresolver.nl

3- Lanc Remastered

4- Xbox Resolver

5- Console sniffer


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