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Sniffies App for Android and iOS

What is Sniffies

The new and, latest Gay Cruising website with a brand new Sniffies App for Android and iOS is there to help gays to reconnect after a long period of lockdown because of COVID 19. Sniffies app is there to give a kickstart to all gay, LGBT communities to connect and get on the floor in post vaccinated era. Sniffies App provides a great user experience so that you can find your partner and have fun in the neighborhood. Sniffies app has a live GPS so locating your loved one is not a problem at all.

Sniffies hook up site where there is no etiquette required, there is no need to waste time in chit chat and formal messaging. On the sniffies app for android you just get down to the point and find the nearest bath house around the corner for some action. Logging into sniffies for the first time will take you by the surprise as there is no requirement of revealing photos, you will find yourself surrounded by genitals. That will definitely be overwhelming.


There is a huge population that is homosexual and was looking for a dedicated platform for them, Sniffies is there on rescue. Here is an infographic showing the statistics.


Sniffies app encourages its users to get out of the safety zone and explore what is around them. Sniffies Map is a great feature to locate your other half whether you are a Top or Bottom. It maps out a network of hot spots, from public restrooms, porn theatres, and wooden cabins. Unlike other dating apps, users on Sniffies app are only visible when they are active on the website or the app for iOS or Android. So if someone is active on Sniffies, well that makes the intentions of that person pretty clear. They are ready to meet up as soon as possible, so what is holding you up.

People who use sniffies app are quite amazed by seeing the real bodies of people just across the street or around the corner, It is a simple app that helps you to connect with guys that are common people and are serious about getting down on all four for you. Most people using sniffies app appreciate the joy of the simplicity and real-life raw pictures mostly below the waist. Sniffies definitely is an ideal platform for casual hookups, and mingling experimentation. How to know a casual meet-up becomes a long-lasting relationship.

Sniffies App – Map Based Gay Hookup Com

This platform is less about deep meaningful relationships and more about fun and enjoyment, it did exist in some form or another since 2018. Imaging cruising back home after lunch and you open sniffies up and you find someone appealing to your taste, you talk and then you get at their place for an hour and so, enjoy your time the way you want and then you are on your way. The casual way of this gay hook-up website is what interests many people.

Map based gay hookup sniffies app provides accurate locations and its AI learns who is available near your area so that it helps you get to the nearest gay available saving a lot of trouble. Maybe you can have fun while going out on an evening walk, just walk an extra mile and enjoy your post-walk “recovery” with the partner of your choice.

Sniffies Map

The reason that the owners chose the name Sniffies is that they want to send a message through this name. It is like sniffing around, so guys can use the map to sniff what is around them, what is there to enjoy after a meal, sniff who is available and who is not just to choose who to play with. It was basically to give the website a fun name. it definitely is catchy and it stays in the mind for the long term.

Sniffie Map App

if you are looking for the Best Sniffies Map App SmartSniff Alternatives you won’t be surprised if you come across Wireshark, Fiddler, And Tcpdump. Sniffmap.App App Map Sniffies it is also very easy to know how To Make A Sniffies Profile we will let you know step by step, we will also explain How To Respond To Pick Up Lines On Sniffies Using Your App You Could Then Pull Up A Maximum Of 17,280 Tweets Per Day To Like.



Sniffies | For The Curious

It is no wonder that Sniffies Is A Modern unique and latest, Map-Based, Meetup App For Gay, Bi, And Curious Guys. it is very quick, you get fast response and then there is a cherry on top or bottom if that’s what you like that sniffies app is  Free To Use And it is now undoubtedly the most growing app for LGBT, so no wonder that it  Quickly Become The Hottest, Fastest-Growing Cruising Platform and is very popular among those hot guys who are only interested in short casual hookups. If you use the Sniffies Map you will find out that it updates In real-time, it is always Showing Nearby Guys who are available on the platform just for that one purpose of having fun, Maps also show the most Active Groups And trending new and Popular Meeting Spots. Sniffies is very well designed carefully crafted and the designers kept the audience in mind for sure.

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Grindr Vs Sniffies – Sniffmap.App

Grindr is also a popular platform but it is a slow-building process you have to talk people into it. it is also not easy to use and there is no fun in that after all. Grindmaster Grinder Sniffies and Hookup are the new normal these days these are the apps From Grindhouse Media. Grindhouse Media is smart to add Chat and messages option in their first gay dating app. In Grindr, you can also search people by profile and rate your favorites. But honestly, sniffies have gone a step further by cutting all the crap and getting down to business. You don’t have to spend time making Sniffpe app profiles or, you don’t need to rate people. In snffles you just have to see what you like and bang.



Sniffies Android – Mobile Apps

Well, people are really waiting for sniffies to get on Android phones, sniffies app for android would definitely be a great addition. you can check out the sniffies app for android here. This will help you get access to sniffies on your phone anywhere in the world.




Sniffies iOS

Unfortunately, Sniffies app is not available on iOS but you can use sniffies on iOS by simply going to the browser and typing This will take you to the official website of sniffies. It is simple and easy to use so you don’t have to worry about the speed or UI.


Sniffies | For The Curious

Sniffies is really a great place for Gay, LGBT, and Bi men to enjoy hookups and great casual relationships. It is a platform that is dedicated for this purpose. It exceeds the expectation of Gays. Very well designed, great interface and above all, it is to the point.


There are a lot of hookup apps already. There is tinder, Badoo, Grindr, and countless more. Sniffies stand for a different purpose. It cuts all the crap and chases down to the point. It has a great easy-to-use interface, its map is there to locate available people. It is only for Gay hookups.


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