Red Flag Emoji on Twitter- This is what it means

Red Flag Emoji on Twitter- This is what it means.

These days everybody’s Twitter is flooded by red flags and it is making people crazy. If you are one of those people whose timeline is flooded by red flags then you are definitely not alone. This is a new trend on Twitter.  Tweeters are using the red flag trend to signal all the behaviors or reactions that raise the red flag.  For example, Fan of Arsenal? Red flag. Payback? Red flag. Ice cream with a brownie? Red flag.

So basically it is to deny or say that something is not going to happen. Red flag.  Are you not going to join Red flag trend on Twitter? Redflag. This trend has increased globally, More than 1.5 million red flag-emoji-tweets have been recorded globally. Brands are using it to capitalize and get attention. People are using it for worrisome behaviors. To negate possible dates. To show their opinions and much more.

What do all red flags mean

If it is not for the Twitter trend and you are just curious why a red flag only.  You might want to consider its definition in a dictionary. Where a red flag is a symbol of “warning, danger or something to draw attention to an issue or problem”.  Twitter is definitely an amazing platform, with the limited number of characters things are always interesting and evolving. People are not using the whole lines for this but they are just using an emoji of a red flag to express their opinion. Some take it to the next level by adding few rows of red flag emojis.

Start of Red Flag Emoji

This trend started by the Black Twitter users this week who were basically discussing the red flags in dating. It was revolving around how staying always online but not getting quick responses, they were discussing their relations with their Ex’s or “going all day without talking to me”. This latter one was actually the most retweeted tweet on Twitter.  This one actually got more than 28000 retweets.

Red flag emoji

What are people using Red Flags for

If you are on Twitter and you are wondering what are people using red flags for? You must be confused because in general. They are using it for everything. Literally everything. One guy used Red flag emoji for not buying an android phone.

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Another one says that he will be ready in 5 minutes, but of course with red flags.



One of my favorites is that a guy just has male friends because it’s less drama.



Padama Lakshmi jumped right in, following the trend, and claimed that she doesn’t like Indian food.



What are people warning each other about on Twitter

People are using red flags to warn each other from possible inconvenience or break up or bad choices. You can simply join the trend and let your friends know about your red flags. It is a great trend to follow. Red Flag emoji is getting very popular. Show your concerns, your nature, habits, things that you dislike. Instead of writing it down just put a few red flag emojis and your message is delivered.

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