How to Preorder the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

How to Preorder the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge


Nobody believed it when Microsoft first announced the Xbox series X. It was all taken as a joke. Microsft was quite criticized by the tech guys and its fans for the design. Xbox series X Fridge was taken as a joke for its awkward design by many. On the other hand, it was also praised. People got actually excited for a console that did not actually look like a DVR. Many people welcome the tall odd design.

Now all of the sudden, out of nowhere, You can get your hands on Microsoft Xbox Series X mini Fridge by just spending $99. That is right you can pre-order it just by spending 99 dollars. While Microsoft Xbox Series X fridge was a one-off at $500. Microsft is going to release its predecessor soon. Xbox Series X mini Fridge.


Xbox mini fridge

When is the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge available?

Taco Tuesday. Just kidding, It will be available on Tuesday 19th of October. Yes, This Tuesday you can start to pre-order your Xbox series X mini-fridge. We are well aware of the fact that the Xbox Series X fridge is almost unavailable, so why not try this mini version of the same fridge.  Microsoft will start taking pre-orders in the US and Canada from Target.

What If you are not in the US or Canada, What will you do? Will you be left out? How can someone out of the US or Canada can buy Xbox Series X mini Fridge? Well, we have the right information for you. If you are in the UK you can pre-order your mini-fridge at GAME by just paying £89.

If you are in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland you can pre-order an Xbox mini-series fridge at Toynk. Micromania or GameStop EU. You have to pay €99.00.


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Specifications of Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Xbox Series X mini Fridge is almost 13.75 inches tall and 6.9 inches deep. It basically looks like an Xbox mini-fridge, just a mini version. You will see the iconic green glowing lights on the console. there is no change in the design or shape of the ports and buttons of the Xbox mini-fridge.  Inside the fridge, you will have a green interior. You might think about the space of the mini-fridge. Well, you can keep your 10 standard soda cans inside and keep them chilled while enjoying your gaming session. Xbox series X mini Fridge also comes with removable shelves they have enough space to keep your chocolate bar or candy. Last but not least you get the Xbox logo on the front that glows green.

xbox mini interior


Microsoft has not announced the exact release date but the speculations are that Xbox Series X mini Fridge will be available somewhere in December. We are very excited. Let us know what do you think about this new Xbox Series X mini Fridge.


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