How to Draw Among Us Characters in 3 Strokes Only

This is a step-by-step guide on how to draw Among Us Characters in just 3 simple strokes. Learn to draw your favorite Among Us characters and tips to do better in the game.

How to Draw Among Us Characters in 3 Strokes Only

Among Us Mod online game

Among Us: Online Game

Among Us is a popular online game, It is a multiplayer game that can have a setting of 4-15 players. It is developed by American Game studio Innersloth. The game was first published in 2018 and since then it is gaining popularity and has become one of the most praised online multiplayer games. This game is a great combination of teamwork and betrayal as promoted by the developing studio itself.

The players in this game try to finish the tasks or the missions before one or more imposters in the team kills everyone on board. It is really hard to spot imposters.

How to play Among Us Online Game?

The game basically has two divisions. The Crew and the Imposter. So it’s basically the two “among us” divisions. Crew considers those “among us” who are trying to save and depart their spaceship safely. The imposters, on the other hand, consider those “among us” who are trying to secretly kill the crew.

Both of the Among Us team has multiple objectives.

Among Us Crew Objectives:

  • The crew has to complete every task or mission on the ship and depart it successfully or they have to spot the imposters and expel them from the ship.
  • Spot the suspicious behavior and then inform the whole team by calling out a team meeting.
  • You have to keep an eye on security Cameras and Map to keep a check on their crewmates for their safety.
  • Always stay on guard to undo any destruction caused by the imposters on the spaceship.
  • Just make sure that they have the alibi to tell if they are under the crew’s suspicions.
  • Crewmates have the power to vote to expel the imposter.

Among Us Imposters Objectives:

  • They are the guys who must kill the crew before they depart the ship.
  • They have to stage the innocent bystanders to get them expelled from the crew.
  • They are the pretenders on the ship just to be part of the crew.
  • They got the ability to sneak through the vents to quickly move from location to location.
  • Imposters are there to sabotage the tasks and stir the air of confusion.
  • Trap victims by closing the doors and then silently kill them.
  • Convince the crew that they are loyal members by coming up with innocent stories.

Among Us Characters:

This amazing game of suspense and teamwork consists of simple characters, There are 12 of them and are listed under.

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Cyan
  5. Green
  6. Lime
  7. Orange
  8. Pink
  9. Purple
  10. Red
  11. White
  12. Yellow

How to Draw Among Us Characters in 3 Strokes Only:

This is a simple character and will show you how to draw it in just 3 Strokes. Sounds quite easy, yeah? Well, that is what our goal is here to make it super easy for Among Us Fans. If You are new to the game you might want to see the characters first, so you can simply play the game once or twice to get a clearer picture of the aesthetics. You can get the Among Us Mod Apk Game just by downloading it on your mobile phone.

Materials required to Draw Among Us Characters:

You don’t need a lot of things to do it. All you need is a pencil and a paper. If you want to take it to the professional level, well then you might need colors too.

Step 1: 

The first stroke goes for the main shield of your spacesuit.

How to draw Among Us Characters
How to draw Among Us Characters


Step 2: 

This is the second stroke that will help you draw the main body of the character

How to draw Among Us Characters


Step 3:

This is the third stroke that will finish the drawing of Among Us Character. It is a backpack.

How to draw Among Us Characters
How to draw Among Us Characters in 3 strokes


That is all you needed to draw Among Us Character in 3 simple strokes. If you want to do more, just grab your colors and take this to a whole new level by coloring your favorite character of the game.

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