Google Birthday Surprise Spinner – Explained

On its 19th Anniversary, Google is letting its users play the best of its Doodle games, and it’s not just that Google Birthday Surprise Spinner contains a lot more than that. You cannot choose what you want to play. It will catch you by a surprise. This element keeps things spiced up. You don’t know which game or surprise are you going to encounter. In the article Google Birthday Surprise Spinner – Explained, we will explain how it the surprise spinner works and what can you expect.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Once you type Google Birthday Surprise Spinner in the Search you will see a very nice colorful spinning wheel on the screen.

google birthday surprise spinner

A very simple yet beautiful surprise wheel. The first time it will rotate by itself and chose a game for you. You can either click to open that game or click to rotate the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner wheel again.

rotate again


Games in Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

The Google Doodle is featuring a surprise spinner for the doodle games fans. Let’s say you are done with the surprises and you just want to know what games are to play. Let us help you with that. We will walk you through on what to expect when you rotate the Surprise spinner.

1. One Minute Breathing Exercise

one minute breathing exercise

Surprised yeah? I was too, you can never expect that this will pop up as a surprise. Google has included all sorts of surprises for you. Entertainment, Health, and knowledge. Now sit back, relax and concentrate on your breathing to stay fit and healthy.  Click to relax


2. Fischenger- Music Composition


Wanted to be a composer? This simple fun app will let you compose your own music. You can choose a different instrument and just by clicking and dragging your mouse will compose a symphony. Play Fischinger now and enjoy.


3. Earth Day Quiz

earth day quiz

Another Surprise, Google will ask you a few questions and it will tell you about your personality by associating your character with something related to earth. Why earth? Well, this fun game was launched on Google doodle games on Earth Day as Google Earth Quiz,  and then became the part of  Spinner later on.


4. Pac-Man

pac man

An all-time favorite, All time hit, PAC MAN. Yes, it makes its way on  Spinner. Spin it and play the pac-man once more on Google’s birthday.


5.Google Candy Collector

google candy

One of the things that I love about Google Doodle Games is its simplicity. These are not games that require a lot of concentration, they are not intense, they are simply enjoyable experiences. Collect candies by beating a bag full of them and enjoy. Having this game on Google Birthday Surprise Spinner is a great addition.


6. Scoville

scoville google doodle

A fun informational game, Scoville in on the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner too. You have to fight the peppers, 3 chances is all you have got. Well to tell you a secret you are an Ice-cream.


7.  Hip-Hop

hip hop

Are you a fan of Hip-Hop, well you must play this game because it will give you a chance to enjoy this light hip-hop game? Join Freddy and be the DJ, Mix beats and create awesome remixes of popular hip-hop.


8. Tic Tac Toe

tic tac toe

Tic Tac Toe is a never-dying adventure. We loved it when we were kids and we love it now as we have grown, and probably it will still be played when we will grow old. No wonder it was added to Google Surprise Spinner.


9. Snake Game


All time classic game Snake Game rocks on Google Birthday Spinner. You can use arrow keys to control the snake and here it gets good fresh food to feed on.


10. Cricket

cricket google doodle

This is the most simplistic and fun version of cricket you can find on the internet. Cricket is loved by millions all over the world so Google added it as a surprise on its birthday on the spinner. Play Cricket with the “Crickets”.




Another great musical game that you can enjoy on Google Birthday Surprise Spinner. ARPEGGIOS is all about fixing the broken chords. You have make a rythem that you like.


12.  Halloween

halloween google doodle

One of the most popular Google Doodle games makes its way to the spinner too. Halloween is a game where you have to kill the ghosts using the magic stick that your cat has.

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13. Google Maps

google maps

Google Birthday Surprise spinner will send you to some of the amazing places in the world. Great videos and scenes, you will also get information through google maps.


14. Solitaire


A great relaxing game, No need to explain this legendary game, It is probably here since the time of first windows. Solitaire is still fun to play.


15. PonyExpress


Are you ready, Rider? well get on the back of your Pony, you gotta work to do. This is a fun game with simple controls. You have to collect mail while riding the pony. Beware of the cactus.

Let us know which games did you find more engaging and fun, and what gave you a surprise after spining the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner.

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