Download Windows 11 Full Version For Free

Download Windows 11 Full Version For Free

Microsoft has released the latest version of its all-time favorite windows. It has been almost 5 years since the last release of Windows, which was windows 10 in 2015. On the 5th of October Microsoft released its new OS Windows 11. Well if it’s out there you must be wondering why has it not hit your computer yet. Let us help you on this issue. This article also explains how to Download Windows 11 Full Version For Free

Launch Date of Windows 11

Microsoft launched windows 11 on Oct 5th, 2021 for all the eligible devices. Eveyone who has windows 10 and the compatible machines can update their OS to windows 11. Some have already done it. While many are still waiting, this might be because they were not prompted by the windows to do so. Well there is nothing to worry about. Windows 11 is being rolled out in phases. Microsoft has announced that All the compatible devices will get windows 11 update by mid 2022. But may be you are the one who doesn’t want to wait. You want to get it now. This guide is for you, read on to find how to install windows 11 full version for free.

If you are not in a hurry and can wait patiently then Microsoft will definitely get you the update. You can wait and see the reviews on Windows 11 and the looks and feels. You can always download it manually and install it on your computer to get the early hands on the OS, virtual desktop and Microsoft store. If you want to Download Windows 11 Full Version For Free, keep reading.

How to Update Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Here is how you can check if your device is eligible and is ready to be upgraded to windows 11.

Microsoft Windows 11 System Requirements

First of all check your computers specifications to see if it matches  the requirements of Windows 11. To Check your system specs in windows 10, there are two methods to do that, One is manual and the other is through Microsoft PC health checker tool. We will show you both. To check your system specifications manually, go to Start menu, There you will see the Setting Icon, Click on it.



This will take you the Settings of your computer. There click on System.




Scroll all the way down and click on “About”




This will show you your system specifications like Processor, Ram and your device ID etc.




Once you know your Computer’s specifications you need to compare them with the system requirements of windows 11. If they match or exceed you are good to go.


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Microsoft PC Health Check App

This is a great automatic way of checking if your PC meets the requirements of Microsoft for the upgrade to Windows 11. Microsft Health Check tool will analyze your PC and will tell you if it is eligible device for windows 11 or not. And not just that, it will also recommend you the solutions if your Computer is not compatible and will also provide additional support by Microsoft team.

Just follow these simple steps to check if your computer is eligible for windows 11 or not.

  1. Download Microsoft PC health Check app.
  2. Run the setup.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Click Install
  5. Once done, run the program.
  6. You will see a pop saying PC Health at a glance.  There will be a box on the to that reads “Intorducing windows 11” Click “Check now”.


The app will run the diagnosis and will let you know if your device is compatible to Windows 11 upgrade or not.


Windows 11 System Requirements

Microsoft’s Windows 11 requirements are as Under.


Processor  1GHz or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or system on a chip
Storage  Minimum 64GB
System Firmware UEFI, Secure Boot-capable
TPM   Version 2.0
Graphics Card Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
Display HD (720p) display greater than 9 inches diagonally, 8 bits per color channel
Internet connection and Microsoft account For Windows 11 Home edition: internet connectivity; Microsoft account to complete device setup on first use. For all Windows 11 editions: Internet access to perform updates and to download and use some features; Microsoft account for some features


Whats new in Windows 11

With over all different look, different than windows 10 though but more Mac-like look, windows 11 comes with new start up sound, dazzling colors, new design and rounded corners. Windows 11 has new start menu location too, they have moved it from the bottom left to the center of the screen and the apps icons are arranged in the center.

windows 11 start menu


You will be witnessing a bunch new desktop tools.  There will be windows widgets on touch screen devices.



You cam also enjoy the grouping of multiple windows in a snap layout. 


windows 11 snap layout


Here is the list of top new features of Windows 11.


9 Best Features of Windows 11

  1. Virtual Desktop
  2. Gestures
  3. Voice Typing and Commands across Windows 11
  4. Introduction of Pen
  5. Snapping and gestures for tablets
  6. Windows Widgets
  7. Integrated Android Apps
  8. Microsoft Team Intergrations
  9. Better Multitasking


How to download Windows 11 through Installation Assitant

You can download Official Windows 11 the same way you have downloaded any previous versions of Windows.  Simply follow these steps.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Update and Security
  3. Windows Update
  4. Check for Updates
  5. Download and install (if the update is available)


Remeber that the rollout for windows 11 is a bit slow. If you are luck and you got the update good for you. But if you don’t got the option to update you can still download and install Windows 11. You can download and install Windows 11 installation assistant and get your windows installed through it. It is a simple way, You just have to follow the instructions prompted.  You might be asked to restart your PC a several time so don’t worry it is the part of installation.

You can also download and install Windows 11 through downloading ISO file.  All instructions are available on it by Microsoft on this page.


How to Download Windows 11 Free [Cracked and Activated]

Now lets say you are not the one who wants to pay for the activation of Windows 11, still want to enjoy a seamless experience. You can get it here. We have working windows 11 cracked file that you can run and then activate for free. All you have to do is download the file and follow the instructions on how to install the file. Follow these steps to download Microsoft Windows 11 Free cracked version.


Steps to Download Windows 11 Cracked Free

  1. Download Windows 11 by Clicking the link
  2. Once downloading finished, Click on the “rar”  file to extract it. (Download rar)
  3. After Extraction, go to Microsoft Windows folder and run Software.exe as administrator.
  4. Install and enjoy the new Microsoft Windows 11 Free.
  5. Make sure you have DirectX installed before you try and run the game, to install DirectX go into the _Redist folder in the download folder and run ‘DXSETUP’ and let it install.



I hope this article was of some help to you. Share your views, experiences and opinions about windows 11.


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