9 Simplest Steps to Create account on Truth Social

create account on trump social

9 Simplest steps to Create Account on Truth Social- Sign up/Login/Join Truth Social 2021

The online presence of the People is increasing every day, We know there are so many online platforms that provide a space for people to comment and share their viewpoints online. We have FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram to name a few. Now there is a new competitor backed up by Donal Trump. Mr. Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter for sharing his political views. So Trump Media and Technology Group has recently announced its Novel Social Platform Named Truth Social. Watch this small reaction on this launch.

As the name suggests Truth Social Media by Trump aims to provide a platform that honors Truth and bold speech. Regardless of your political ideology, you would be given the right to free speech on Truth Social Media. There will be no discrimination because of gender or race. Whether you are of American, Asian, Africa, or African descent. You would have a platform to share your real thought. No Wonder Trump Social Media App is trending now.


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Social Media is definitely shaping our lives. It is the Truth that we are greatly affected by how we and others, that we are interacting with, behave on social media. Truth social comes in-game to revolutionize this platform, well we have to wait and watch till that happens. Before jumping in How to Sign up on Truth Social media by Trump let’s have look on how Social Media Affects our lives. Here is a great infographic that illustrates the Truth.


Let’s see how can we Sign-up/Login/or create New account on Truth Social in 2021.


9 Simplest Steps to Create an account on Truth Social


1- Download Truth Social App

2- Install Truth Social App on your PC, iPhone or iPad

3- To get started with sign up click Get started on Truth Social 

4- You will b redirected to a Create Your Account Page

login to truth social

5- Enter your Name, Email and Date Of Birth

6- You will receive the verification code on your email

7- You will have to write that code in the area where it is stated “Enter the code here to start to sign up process”

8- Choose the password that you want to use to login into the Truth Social app apk

9- You have successfully created your account on Truth Social media app apk. (This is the process that can be changed anytime as the Truth app is in early phases)

how to sign up for truth social

Check Truth Social App Apk For Android Download 


How to access Truth Social Media Platform

You can access Truth Media by following these links


1- Truth social Website: https// truthsocial.com

2- Truth social app: website / appstore

3- Truth App sign up link: truthsocial.com

How to login/sign up or Create an account of Truth Social App On PC?

1- First of all visit Trump Truth Social com. or click on this link.

2- Use your email ID and create an account

3- Verify your Email

4- Agree to terms and conditions

5- Click on Sign Up.


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