9 Must Have Chrome Extensions 2021

9 Must Have Chrome Extensions 2021


9 Must Have Chrome Extensions 2021


If you are a Chrome fan you are definitely aware of the fact that it is the most popular browser in the world.  According to Statista Chrome is the most used browser in the world. So why is that? Why Chrome is so popular is that it dominates the world of browsing, even though it is relatively new, Microsoft’s internet explorer is in the game for a really really long time. The reason for this is that it is extensible and is based on chromium, the fast open-source engine that drives Chrome. Chrome has got a huge number of extensions that can be used for many purposes. 

You can customize almost every aspect of your browser and browsing experience using the Extensions of Chrome. If you are annoyed by the Ads, Get the Ad blocking Extension and you are done. If You are a blogger, You type a lot and you need auto-correction of the texts and grammar, you can get an extension on Chrome to do this job. You can get extensions for word counts,  Strat page customization, Cookie blocking, and almost every other thing you want to do. So if you are new, and want to explore some of the best Chrome extensions out there, Let us take you on this journey and explain what are the 9 Must Have Chrome Extensions 2021.

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List of 9 Must Have Chrome Extensions 2021

  1. StayFocused
  2. Momentum
  3. Bitwarden
  4. Zoom Scheduler
  5. Weave Highlighter
  6. Grammarly
  7. Magic Actions For YouTube
  8. uBlock Origin
  9. Magical Text Expansion

Stay Focused:

Just as the name suggests, This awesome extension falls under the category of productivity. These are the times when people are engaged in a lot of activities over the internet, Well, honestly the Internet is quite distracting, You end up watching a funny video on Facebook almost every time you start doing something productive. This extension helps you reduce distractions. You can set a time limitation on your Facebook or any other site that you use, and then Stay Focused will block your access to that particular site once you exceed that time limit.

Download Stay Focused Chrome Extension

stay focused chrome extension


Features of StayFocused Chrome Extension:

  1. You can Sync your settings between your devices.
  2. Set up Active days,  hours, or weekends. For Example, You can block the site for 8-5 (working hours)
  3. Store back up. 
  4. Stalker option to track the time spent on a particular website.
  5. Nuclear Option, That blocks the entire site for a certain period of time. e.g (5-7 hours)



The First impression is the last impression. Imagine clicking your browser open, and seeing a dull and poor start page, clustered with pinned website icons. That definitely is not a great experience. Momentum sets your momentum for the rest of the day. This Chrome extension is one of the most popular extensions and for a good reason. You can customize your start page using the Momentum extension. It will replace the usual dull background of Chrome with a new image every day. You can also add a clock, your to-do lists, and much more on the start page.

Download Momentum Chrome Extension

momentum chrome extension

Features of Momentum Chrome Extension:

  1. Adds new background images every day.
  2. Multiple modules to chose from and add to your start page.
  3. Adds motivational phrases.
  4. Adds clock to your start page.
  5. You can pin your To-Do list to the start page.
  6. Remove everything else and just keep one item e.g image or time.
  7. Clean and organized start page.

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You must agree that there are so many websites that require us to sign up with some crazy kinda password, and remembering countless passwords for countless subscriptions is a pain in the neck.  Knowing this trouble many companies came up with the idea of password managers.  The problem with most password managers is that they are not free and every year they increase their pricing. Then we are always uncertain about how safe a password manager is. Bitwarden is a savior, It has not increased its prices, and is considered as one of the secured password managers with a free stellar plan.

Download Bitwarden Chrome Extension

bitwarden chrome extension

Features of Bitwarden Chrome Extension:

  1. One of the most secure password managers.
  2. Free stellar plan.
  3. Free Chrome Extension.
  4. Bitwarden Chrome Extension saves your passwords.
  5. Helps you generate new secure passwords.
  6. Bitwarden Autofill password feature.


Zoom Scheduler:

Pandemic has greatly affected our lives, the way we used to schedule meetings before is a story of the past now. Most of the business meetings, classes, and seminars are done online. Which comes with a great challenge. First of all, you have to schedule the dates and times of meetings, then on that day you have to create links to the zoom meeting and finally, you have to send it through email. That’s fine if you only have meetings once every two weeks. But if it’s the story of every other day. You need this chrome extension. Zoom scheduled is a great app to manage and schedule your zoom meetings, it integrates with Google calendar and automatically sends notifications to the participants. This really makes it one of the 9 best chrome extensions in 2021.

Download Zoom Scheduler Chrome Extension

zoom scheduler chrome extension

Features of Zoom Scheduler Chrome Extension.

  1. Zoom Scheduler directly Integrates with Google Calendar.
  2. Allows you to create a Zoom meeting Schedule.
  3. Create a unique Zoom Meeting URL when you are scheduling a meeting in Google Calendar.
  4. Sends Automatic invites to Zoom Meeting participants.
  5. Automatically sends Emails to all participants.

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Weave Highlighter:

Who doesn’t like reading, With the advancement of technology, hardcover book reading is not that popular, People like to read E-books, with most of the E-book platforms like Kindle, you can highlight important information in the book. But what about highlighting important text on the web? That’s where this useful Chrome extension comes in. It gives you the options to highlight, save and annotate online web articles for further research. It can be used for both web and PDFs over the web.

Download Weava Highlighter Chrome Extension

Weava Highlighter Chrome Extension

Features of Weava Highlighter Chrome Extension:

  1. Free and Paid Plans (Free is more than enough for a general user)
  2. You can Highlight Web-based Articles, Save and Annotate them.
  3. Comment on the Highlighted text or pages.
  4. It allows you to create folders to keep your content organized.
  5. Cloud storage for your data so that you never lose it.
  6. Color customization, unlimited storage, and unlimited sub-folders for the premium plans.

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Grammarly is one of those Chrome extensions that everyone must-have. Whether you are a blogger, writer, or a person that simply posts on social media. This awesome extension will help you correct mistakes that we usually ignore while writing. It will definitely improve your writing skills. Grammarly will point out that you have missed a comma here and a hyphen there. It also removes overly used words and phrases. It will help you write error-free emails to your clients or customers. You really don’t want typos in your social media post, better install Grammarly then. 

Download Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Features Grammarly Chrome Extension:

  1. Corrects grammatical errors.
  2. It will correct your spelling mistakes.
  3. You can add custom words in the Grammarly dictionary.
  4. Comes in both free and premium versions.


Magic Actions For Youtube

If we are not on Facebook, we are on Youtube, being a popular social media platform, we definitely want some customization to it. Just as the name indicates this chrome extension has some amazing magical features that will give you more control over the experience of Youtube on the web.  Magic Actions For youtube will give you more control over what you want to see on youtube and what you want to block. It will also help you control the quality of the video you watch but setting your preferences. You can also check Youtube Vanced for complete control over your Youtube experience on android.

Download Magic Actions For Youtube Chrome Extension

Magic Actions for Youtbe Chrome Extension

Features of Magic Actions For Youtube:

  1. Control the Video Quality, Set Auto HD and Auto Wide.
  2. You can block Ads.
  3. Set all videos to Auto replay.
  4. Cinema mode
  5. Stop autoplay
  6. Control volume using the Mouse wheel.
  7. Disable comment section.
  8. Day/Night mode
  9. Multiple color themes.


uBlock Origin

When it comes to security Chrome is not a very secure browser. You are being tracked by many websites that you visit. More and more tracking is making people more sensitive towards online browsing security.  Thanks to a handful of good Chrome extensions you can save your private data by blocking the malicious content and trackers. uBlock Origin is one of the most popular extensions used to block all sorts of online trackers.

Download uBlock Origin Chrome Extension

uBlock Origin Chrome Extension

Features of uBlock Origin Chrome Extension:

  1. Free extension.
  2. Based on open source.
  3. Speed and Memory Efficient
  4. Blocks Ads and filters content.
  5. Supported by various browsers.


Magical Text Expansion

Started with the old school cell phones, where we used to add an abbreviation for a word, this thing has evolved over time and now is used everywhere around the world. There are many apps that provide this service, but most of them are pretty expensive. Whereas Chrome extension of Magical Text Expansion is completely free and it really is a time-saving app. You can store the shortcuts for different words or even phrases, and use them on the go.

Download Magical Text Expansion Chrome Extension

Text Expansion

Features of Magical Text Expansion:

  1. Free
  2. No Ads
  3. Create shortcuts right from Chrome
  4. Group relevant shortcuts to stay organized.
  5. Creates snippets.


These were the 9 Best Chrome Extensions 2021 that you can add to your Chrome right away to take the most out of it. You can also share your favorite Chrome extensions in the comments to let us and others know what you like and help people to work better.

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