9 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2021

9 Most Popular Google Doodle Games 2021


Ever wondered why Google keeps changing its home page doodles? Well to keep things fresh and interesting. There is something more that you need to know. These doodles are not just keeping things fresh, these are actually games that you can play. Google puts all of these games in Archive so that you can play them even if they don’t appear on the home page.

Online games are getting really popular, AARP games have proven themselves over time and have given Old age people a great number of good games that can be played online. The same goes with Poki Games, with 100% free online games this platform is also very popular among the young ones. Google has done the same job. It’s a little different in the sense that these games are simple and developed mostly by Google itself.


Why Play Online Google Doodle Games

One because they are completely free. Secondly, Google’s Archive contains some really fun games that people enjoy playing online. Online games usually come with a drawback, Ads, pop-ups, and other annoying cookies, but with Google, you will not go through this pain. These games are free of distraction.

You don’t need a high-speed internet connection to play Google Doodle Games, they work perfectly on any normal Internet connection. Then as these games are online, You don’t have to worry about downloading anything.

Here we have listed some of the most popular Google Doodle Games that you can play online.

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9 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2021

        #1: Baseball

Are you a baseball fan? Well try it in a different way, Google doodle baseball game has proven itself to be the most popular and most played Doodle game since 2019.

baseball google doodle



       #2: Quick, Draw!

You need to be super quick and attentive. Quick, Draw! got so popular among the online Doodle player that it finally got its own new website, just dedicated to this game.

quick draw google doodle




       #3: Pac-Man

What is better than a classic Pac-Man game. I was a huge fan back when I was a kid, and I am a huge fan still. If you like to play Pac-man you must try the doodle version of Pac-Man by Google. It is really fun and a different experience too.

pacman google doodle




       #4: The Scoville Game

Watch out for the hot, spicy, and angry Pepper. You have to defeat it by Ice-cream. Google Doodle made this awesome combination of two extreme sides. Are you ready?

scoville google doodle




       #5: Halloween

This game “Halloween” is still a great play. I first played it in 2017 a year after it was released. It was a good time pass back then and it is still a great game to play. You have to defeat Ghosts by waving the magic wand. You will be the cat.

halloween google doodle




       #6: Basketball

There is no one in my circle of friends who is not a fan of basketball. This is the game that we love to play online and on the ground. Google Doodle games have done an amazing job creating the doodle basketball experience. It is as simple to play yet as engaging as every other basketball game out there.

basketball google doodle






        #7: Coding rabbit

The educational game is getting popular among parents especially. Well, probably not for themselves but for their children. Google Doodle Games included Coding Rabbits for kids to learn some basic coding. They have to take the Rabbit to the carrot using simple basic computer coding.

coding rabbit




        #8: Cricket

A very popular sport played and loved by millions. There are money online cricket games already. Google doodle cricket is also fun and uses “crickets” to play Cricket. Nice use of words their Google.


cricket google doodle





        #9: Garden Gnome

Well, let’s see how long can you launch the Gnome

garden gnome google doode



Well, these are the most fun a popular Google Doodle Games in 2021. What is your opinion? Which doodle game do you like the most. Share your Favorite Google Doodle Games in the Comments.

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