9 Best AARP Games in 2021

A complete guide to 9 Best AARP games in 2021 to play online. Also, find answers to the most frequently asked questions about AARP Online free games.

9 Best AARP Games in 2021

What is AARP?

AARP is an abbreviation for the American Association of Retired Persons. They care for the people of older age. Now it is usually considered that online games or games, in general, are a thing for younglings. The elders don’t play free online games on computers or mobile phones. The recent trends show that people of old age are also showing plenty of inclinations towards online gaming. So AARP Games took it to the next level by creating a platform for these people.


Benefits of AARP Games:

Just like hitting Gym, working out, or play sports have amazing effects on your body. Playing online free games also helps to improve your brain. It stimulates your brain, improves thinking capabilities, decision making and above all it is fun. So Aarp Games used this as the core of their platform and is helping a lot of older generation who are enjoying the retired life, to play good games and keep their brain sharp.


What is AARP Games- Free online gaming platform?

AARP Games is a platform for classic game lovers, It provides an online forum to enjoy games with friends online for free. A very easy to access and mobile-friendly website makes it easier for users to access it from any platform, like tablets, computers, and mobile phones. AARP Games has a big collection of games to choose from. Here We will discuss the 7 Best AARP Games in 2021 to play.


9 Best AARP Games to play in 2021.

Here is the list of the 9 best games that you can enjoy on AARP games with your friends and family.

  1. Chess
  2. 10*10 Game
  3. Sodoku
  4. Crossword
  5. Mahjong
  6. Asteroids
  7. Backgammon
  8. Scramble
  9. JewelShuffle


1- AARP Games – Chess:



There is nothing more stimulating your brain than a Chess game. This is a strategic game that survived over centuries. It helps you develop great strategies to beat your opponent. The ability to think several moves ahead is a great way to improve your thinking. AARP Games has this best game in their arsenal for you. You can play this game against the computer, where it is easy for you to set up the difficulty level. If you are a new player just set it to beginner and enjoy your game.

AARP games also have considered this option for the people who want to play against their friends. So they have added the option to play online with your friends or anonymous players. This is one of the best games to be played free online.


2- AARP Games – 10*10 Games:


10*10 AARP Games


I am sure we were all fans of the most famous game, Tetris, which has ruled the gaming world and is still a popular game to play. People over 50 would have definitely played this game in their youth at some point. So AARP Games included 10*10 Game which is similar to Tetris for people who like to play online free games, It only has a different name, But don’t worry, fun and the challenge is the same.

You will face the same game setting as Tetris. Tiles of different shapes will appear from the top of the screen and will move down to the bottom. You have moved or rotate the tiles to complete online end to end. Once the line is complete, it will disappear and you will get points. AARP games have included this game because it is time-dependent and they provided it free for online gaming. You have limited time to place each tile, the more the pile grows the less time you have to decide. So it increases your capabilities to think under pressure. Which enhances your decision-making power in real life too.


3- AARP Games – Sudoku


AARP Games - Sudoku


What a classic game to play. This is an immortal game. I played it when I was a kid, my parents played it when they were kids. This game never bores you it never gets old and rusty. Soduku is a fine addition in AARP Games, it basically is a number puzzle game which you can play online for free and where you have multiple rows and columns (you can make the grid big or small), All you have to do is arrange numbers in a way that they appear only once in a row and a column and all numbers add up to make 9.

This free online game has so many practical applications in real life. AARP has been very wise in choosing these games for the old age groups. It helps you think clearly, come up with solutions, add numbers quickly. So your mathematical thinking gets better, you improve at adding and budgeting your daily numbers quickly and with more accuracy.


4- ARRAP Games – Crossword:


ARRAP Games - Crossword


The crossword puzzle has always been a game in the morning, Sundays, and during breakfast. The good old-fashioned game is amazing when it comes to fun and improving your vocabulary. The game has a grid, with some random letters on it. The goal is to find the words that are hidden in plain sight. It requires effort. AARP games chose this game for it has quite a lot of benefits. First, it gives nostalgia, old age guys would remember how they used to solve crosswords puzzles in their childhood and now you can play it online for free too.

Then it helps you improve your memory, There are a lot of words that we once knew but with the passage of time they got washed away. Crossword puzzle in Aarp games helps you keep repeating the words so you don’t forget them. As a result, you improve your vocabulary as well as memory.


5- AARP Games- Mahjong:


AARP Games- Mahjong


Reading the name brings up one word in your mind, China. Yes, the game of Mahjong originated in China. But it became so popular because of it interesting gaming experience that now mahjongg is played everywhere in the world. Once an Asian game is now dominating the world. No wonder it is one of the 9 best AARP Games in 2021. It is basically a tile-based game, which is played with four players. AARP games give you the option to either play Mahjong with your friends online or with the computer.

In the general setting four people are required to play Mahjong, they sit around a table. They start by casting dice and then players shuffle and exchange tiles. He who first matches the hand of 14 tiles is the winner of the game. AARP’s game site has many variations of Mahjong. It helps you improve your memory and skills under pressure. This free online game helped a lot of people so far.


6- AARP Games-Asteroids:


AARP Games-Asteroids


Ready to go beyond earthly games. Asteroids is one game that will help you do that. You get a ship and unlimited ammo. All you have to do is destroy. This is a great game, It is fun to play. Asteroids on AARP Games is so engaging that you will forget the sense of time. It will literally fly. Countless saucers and ships trying to come at, and you have to keep yourself safe and destroy them. You have to use arrow keys to control the ship. This game is also free to play.


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7- AARP Games- Backgammon:


AARP Games- Backgammon


Get your cups, and dice to play backgammon. A great competitive game to play with your fellas. Backgammon increases your cognitive skills which is great. It also helps to increase your critical thinking. Such benefits were definitely seen by AARP games before they put it on their gaming platform. For the people of old age, these things are really necessary, and they enhance it just by playing games.

In backgammon, there are two players. Each gets the checkers of his own color. The game is played by using dice A doubling cube with the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 is used for tracking the stakes of the round. Each player has his own unique set of dice. Play this game online for free with the teammate of your choice.


8- AARP Games- Scramble:


AARP Games- Scramble


This is a high-intensity game. One my all-time favorite. The goal here is to make as many words as possible with the given set of letters. But there is a catch, Time frame. Yes, you have to make as many words as possible within a given time. If you run out of time, you will score less. This puts huge pressure on the player’s mind. Pushing the brain to its limits. So you get a great hit of dopamine when you score high in the game. What wiser choice could AARP games would have made than this. You can share your game scores online for free with your friends.


9- AARP Games- Jewel Shuffle:


AARP Games- Jewel Shuffle


Last but not least on the 9 Best AARP Games to play in 2021 is Jewel shuffle. This free online game has been popular for ages. It is well admired in all circles of the gaming community. Never getting old. You will have jewels of different colors in this game and all you have to do is align them. You can align them in any direction, row, or column. There are just two rules to be followed. 1- Jewels should be of the same color. 2- Minimum number of jewels to be aligned should be 3.

Once you have aligned them. They will disappear and you will earn points. The more you align the higher will be your points. It also requires a great deal of attention to find out the best move. Bad moves will end you up finishing the game earlier.


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FAQs About AARP Games:

As AARP free online Games are getting very popular these days, people have many questions about them. Here we will answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about AARP games on the internet.



AARP games come with two options as every other platform. You can play them completely free if you want to or you can become a member of the platform. Of course, if you are playing it for free you will have fewer privileges. Members will get some extra perks. They will have more levels of games and will have access to members-only games.



Well unfortunately there is no app for this platform for now. But the good news is that this platform is very well designed and developed so that you can enjoy it without any compromise on all sorts of devices. It is completely responsive on devices like Mobile phones, Tablets, PC, Macbook, or other laptops.


What Are the Members Only Games on AARP?


This is the list of the 9 best members-only AARP Games in 2021.
  1. Pong
  2. Canfield Solitaire
  3. Hard crossword
  4. 2048
  5. Blackjack
  6. Bubble Dragon Saga
  7. Knife Smash
  8. Code Word
  9. Fill Ins


AARP Games Research:

Recently AARP Games conducted research that shows that people above the age of 50 usually play online AARP games to improve their memory and cognitive function. The study also showed that 79% of the game players are using their phones and tablets to play free online games.



Improving yourself shouldn’t be boring and dull. Learning should be fun and it should be enjoyed. AARP Free online Games have achieved this goal. They have made brain training so easy and fun that anyone can do it. So Start playing these 9 Best AARP Games in 2021 to improve your brain and be better at making decisions and in other aspects of life.

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