5 Simplest Steps to Change Windows 11 Wallpaper

5 Simplest Steps to Change Windows 11 Wallpaper

Microsoft has rolled out another new operating system for the eligible devices, Windows 11. It is packed with features and is highly customizable. You can update your existing windows by simply going through the update section of settings, or just following this simple guide to get the latest windows 11 on your laptop or computer.


This new windows 11 has a great feel and look, more like Mac, Microsft has facelifted its new windows and is planning to include Android apps too (not sure when but it is well established). So all new windows and new looks, what about the wallpaper? Maybe you are not a fan of windows default wallpaper and you want to change it. Maybe you want to add Macbook pro-2021 wallpapers to your desktop.


We will help you change your windows default wallpaper to a custom wallpaper of your choice. All you have to do is follow this step-by-step guide of 5 Simplest Steps to Change Windows 11 Wallpaper in order to change the wallpaper of Windows 11. You can also download brand new wallpapers for windows 11 first if you don’t have any stock of 2021 wallpapers.


5 Simplest Steps to Change Windows 11 Wallpaper


1- Press the Windows button on your keyboard or press the on-screen windows button.

2- Click “Settings” on the menu that appears.

3- Then Go to Personalization and click on it.

4- Hover over to “Background” and click to change it.

5- Select the images that are already present or you can upload a custom wallpaper by simply clicking on “Browse“.


That is it, Apply to save the changes, and enjoy your brand new desktop wallpaper. This is just a basic feature of the new windows 11. You can find tons of more features that give you full control over your desktop appearance, for example, virtual desktop and snap grouping in windows 11. Check out all of the new Windows 11 features, Download the windows 11 full version for free if you haven’t yet.


Let us know in the comments if you had any trouble changing wallpaper in Windows 11.

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