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Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!
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Innersloth LLC
July 5, 2021
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among us mod apk


Among Us Mod Apk brings you the most awaited hack, You will have everything unblocked. If you are a fan of board games, strategy, and thrilling games, Among Us is definitely for you. You can play Either as a crew or imposter in this game and help your Teammates win. There is more to know about this game, but if you simply want to download Among Us MOD APK (All Unlocked/Menu/Always Imposter hack 2021), just click the download button.

Among Us MOD APK Game Information

App Name Among Us
Update Information October 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
Developer Information Innersloth
Mod Information All Unblocked
Size 125 MB
Requirements Android 5.0+
Price Free
Genre Action

What is Among Us

This is a very interesting multiplayer game that you can play online. Among Us free is full of online action and adventure. Innersloth has done a great job developing this game and is always coming up with updates. The game revolves around two teams. A team of astronauts and another of Cold Blooded murderers.

Astronauts are trying to prepare for the launch of spaceships and murderers are trying to sabotage this plan. If the ship leaves the space station, Astronauts win but if the imposters kill them they win. Among Us Mod Apk is much more than this, this is just a generic explanation of the game. Let’s dive deeper.


The story of Among Us revolves around two groups. Astronauts which is also known as The Crew and the Murderers or the Imposters. The former group tries for the successful launch of the spaceship while the murderers infiltrate the crew as imposters to wreak havoc.

Imposters are hard to identify as they look exactly like the crew, there is no way to identify imposters in Among Us game by their appearances. So you have to keep your eyes open and identify unusual behaviors.

Among Us Gameplay

Gameplay is quite simple and unique at the same time. All you have to understand is the basic rules of the game. Download Among Us Mod Apk if you want to make things more simple, use imposter hacks to spice things up. If you are a part of Among Us crew, All you have to do is be quick, and keep an eye on the unusual activities. You have to point out the imposter.

If you are the part of Among Us Murderers, you have to use your wit to outwit the crew, stir the air of deception. Craft your Alibi if investigated. Try not to get caught and in the meanwhile destroy the ship. It doesn’t require high skills, all the game asks for is common sense. Play it online with your friends and have fun.

Game Characters

On starting the game you will be assigned to either of the groups in Among Us. It is your luck whether you are in the Crew and has a job to secure your ship or, you become the part of Imposters. Either way, you have to aim for a team play and win.

If you are assigned a crew member, Your job is to save the ship and make sure that it launches out of the space station safely. You have to complete small missions and tasks assigned to you and stay alive. Point out all the imposters who want to destroy the ship and kill your teammate.

If something is broken, you have to fix it as quickly as possible and report back to your team so that they can point out the traitor. Imposters will make stories and will try to prove themselves innocent. They will pretend to be your friends, they will perform the tasks to gain your trust but will kill you if get a chance.

If you are assigned as an Imposter, well, all you have to do is wreak havoc, create disaster, and do everything to sabotage the ship. You can not do it openly though, because if you get caught, that is the end of your story as You will be kicked out. So be sneaky, be vigilant and use deception as your weapon. You can keep an eye on secret ways like vents and sneak up on any single crew member to kill him.

Being an imposter you always have to keep your Alibi ready, if someone is suspecting you, tell your perfect alibi to prove yourself innocent. You can always try to play the blame game, make others look like culprits.

Game Features

Among Us is a board game and is mostly played in a similar fashion. It is more fun to be played online. When playing with friends you can enjoy more, this gives a better online board game experience. With Among Us, depending on the number of players, you can choose to add an imposter, add quests, … to make the game more interesting.

Among us mod apk

Graphics Review

Among us has pretty good graphics, much better than many other board games. But honestly, this game is not more about graphics and is about fun. It has still good graphic elements. It runs well on almost all supported devices. Board games like Among Us are not mostly graphics-oriented.

Among Us MOD APK Information and details

1- All skins unlocked

2- No Ads

3- Unlimited Unlocked Pets

4- Unlocked Hats

Among Us imposter Hack

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How to Download Among Us MOD APK :

You can easily download the app from your browser by following these steps.

  1. Read the whole features of the game and then tap on the Download button.
  2. Wait for the Download File to generate
  3. Once it is generated. Tap on the Download button again
  4. This will start the file to download.
  5. When the download is finished, a confirmation window will pop up.

How to Install Among Us MOD APK :

Once you have your downloaded file ready follow this guide.

  • First of all, go to your device’s settings
  • Go to PrivacyUnknown Sources InstallationsEnable
  • If you have a newer Android device, then make sure to enable the Unknown Device option in your Browser Settings.
  • Now Select the Apk or Mod apk file that you have downloaded.
  • Simply open it and tap on Install.
  • That’s it

You can also get it from Google Play.



1- How do I get Among Us MOD APK?

You can download Among Us Mod Apk for android devices, and it is free with everything Unblocked. Simply click on the Download button and follow the instructions.


2- How do I get MOD MENU in Among Us?

We have got The Among Us Mod Menu for you. You can Download Mod Menu in Among us just by clicking here. There is a good video tutorial to understand how to use Menu Mod in Among Us.


3- How to get Among Us Mod Apk Always Imposter 2021?

Always imposter mod is a great way to play Among Us, You will always be assigned as an imposter and this mod is also working on all devices. Download Among Us Mod Apk Always imposter here.


4- How to get Among Us Mod Apk Free skins?

This Mod is working on all devices, you can download a free skin hack from this link.



Among Us are a great game and a fun way to interact with your friends. You can enjoy your time by catching the imposters or outwitting the crew. You can also spice up things by playing the Among Us Mod Apk game, with extra features and unlimited hacks.


What's new

- Added vent cleaning task
- Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Irish localization added

Bug Fixes:
- Getting stuck in place after a meeting is fixed
- Scaling on "SHH" screen fixed
- Geoff eyepatch is now (sadly) back to being a mask
- Clouds in the Airship no longer move in the wrong direction
- Upload Data phone colors fixed
- All major buttons are now localized
- Other minor visual and localization bug fixes



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