Age of Z Origins guide and tips for beginners

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Our Age of Z Origins guide for beginners will teach you about all the key aspects of the game and much more – from how to level up quickly to how to properly manage your resources, we’ll walk through everything. 

Age of Z Origins is a strategy base builder with tower defense elements, where the ultimate goal is to fend off zombies and expand your camp. The game offers a lot in terms of planning and strategizing, so as a complete beginner, these tips should give you a more steady footing when it comes to distributing your resources, farming, and ultimately getting stronger with each step. 

To charge or not to charge

First things first, we’ll start by mentioning that since this game offers a lot of goodies by spending real-life money, these give premium players more added bonuses, helping them upgrade their base quicker and obtaining Officers a lot easier.
Don’t let that discourage you, however, because even if you won’t spend a lot of money (or none at all) you can still enjoy the game to the fullest and build a strong camp. It’ll take a lot longer, but it is doable nonetheless. 

If you decide that you want to spend money on upgrades though, there are several packs that we’ll recommend further down in this guide. 

  • Using the latest Age of Z Origins codes will also help you get some extra loot, so make sure to check the page to see if you’ve redeemed the latest codes (although the game is a teeny tiny bit scarce with code giving)! 

So with this out of the way, it’s time to dive into the Age of Z Origins guide!

Tip #1 – Manage your resources accordingly

Resources play an important part, and they will be the key component to building pretty much anything there is. From Food to Oil, Steel, and Minerals, everything has its own role and you should pay equal attention to each one. At the start of the game, you’ll have access to a more limited number of resources, but as you expand, you’ll be able to build more.

Make sure to always have the maximum number available for each of the resource farms (so Refinery, Steel Mill, Mineral Mine, and Farm), since you’ll definitely find a use for each one.

The safest way to get the most resources is by logging in to the game roughly every 8 hours because that’s how long it usually takes for your resource farms to get full. It’s best to upgrade them to the maximum before logging off, of course, since that will increase the production and their capacity.

Every day you can log in once in the morning after waking up, once around noon, and once in the evening before going to bed just to claim your resources.

Additionally, you can take a look at the store and exchange some of the resources you have extra. For instance, food is a resource that will produce relatively quickly and you can exchange it for something else that you need.

Extra tip: The commander Harvest skill is awesome for gaining more resources, and you can use it twice every day – don’t forget about it!

Tip #2 – How to level up fast in Age of Z Origins

From the main quests to the daily ones and upgrading each building, leveling up in Age of Z Origins can be a rather tedious task. To level up quickly, you have a few tasks that you can complete daily and are often time-limited. Since you will gain EXP for doing the “usual” tasks, such as base expanding, building upgrades, and so on, you can also go the extra step and try to complete these time-limited tasks.

Since there is no single “best way” to level up quickly, we’d strongly advise that you try a little bit of everything and keep a steady pace in the process. For instance, aim to upgrade at least 1-2 buildings every day (especially while you’re still at the start) since that will give you some EXP. You should also build / train troops every day since these will help you in the long run.

Last but not least, make sure to always play a level or two of tower defense. This is an exceptional way to get more EXP, and so we’ll give you more details about it below.

Tip #3 – Daily quests should be a priority, every single day

It goes without saying, but daily quests are a must-do every single day. These quests give decent EXP and resources, and you should always do them once they reset (since they reset daily). If you are not sure what the server time is, you can check into the info menu and Settings – the server time will be on the upper right side.

Complete these quests every single day, and even if you skip them one day, simply logging into the game will still give you the daily sign-in bonus. Therefore, even by doing nothing at all, you can still progress (albeit a lot slower).

Tip #4 – Never leave your buildings idle

Each time you have completed a building, you should make sure to set a goal for that building. If you are not training troops, then set your building to do that – if you aren’t researching something, then choose a task to research. In Age of Z Origins, each minute matters (quite literally) and you should make the most out of them.

I would suggest that you always do the tasks that take the longest last since they will occupy your queue. Instead, do everything that takes relatively little time first, and before you go idle for a while you can start working on something a tad more time-consuming.

Tip #5 – Join an active Alliance

It’s important to join an active Alliance since that will drastically shorten the building timers by simply asking your mates for aid. You can also offer them help, and it’s simply put a win-win feature. Even if you won’t be able to join a super active one at the start (since the top ones won’t always accept weaker, new players) you can join any Alliance you find and later on switch.

Tip #6 – Always focus on upgrading your city level

One of the most important things you need to do in the game in order to get stronger is to upgrade the buildings. We suggest that you start by leveling up each structure (no matter what it is) to the maximum level available, prioritizing the resource farms first (since they will increase your food, oil, steel, and mineral production).

Once you reach a point when upgrades take a long time (several hours) it’s best to start as many as you can and do something else in the meantime. For instance, one good balance is to play the tower defense mode while some upgrades that take minutes are underway, or log off and do something else and log back later once the update is complete.

Lastly, one more tip that will help you make the upgrades more productively is to always leave the ones that take the longest last. Right before closing the game to go to bed, you can start them. That way, once you wake up and check the game any upgrade that takes several hours will be completed and your building queue won’t be busy.

Tip #7 – VIP & packs worth purchasing

VIP can be activated by paying some Gold, or by spending money. It’s best to try and keep VIP on at all times since there are so many benefits from it that they simply cannot be overlooked.

Which packs are worth it in Age of Z Origins?

In the game, there are several packs that are definitely worth spending your money on if you want to do that. You can often find them in the Special Deals tab, but not only. Let’s check them out and see which ones you could consider investing in:

  • Supreme Monthly Pack
  • Officer Rally Packs
  • Alliance Packs (to help the Alliance)
  • Pretty much any limited pack that is often released during special holidays or limited events in the game

Tip #8 – The tower defense mode is amazing

The tower defense mode of the game is, simply put, amazing. You want to make sure that you complete each stage with at least one start in order to unlock the next one, and even if you don’t have the power to ace each stage, you can at least complete the 1* challenge and claim the corresponding chest.

It matters a great deal which towers you deploy, so make sure that you always have a strategy in mind for each individual stage. Also, before deploying any turrets, you can feel free to pause the level and look around. Once you spot the key points where your towers will be the most efficient, you can deploy them accordingly.

We hope that our Age of Z Origins tips will come in handy in your future endeavors!

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